Success Strategies for Corporate Wellness

Collaboration with Sopheia McMorris and Laura Armstrong

Corporate Wellness has become an essential part of maintaining happy, healthy employees. The innovative cutting-edge program we have created for corporate wellness addresses issues that affect employee’s productivity and success. The strategies offered will provide meaningful, realistic advice for employee’s specific situations. Employees will be able to practice these tips, tools and strategies with ease whenever and wherever they want. They will contribute to the overall well-being of the individuals should significantly improve their desire to be a part of the culture of the company.

Leadership within the corporate space includes not only those who lead but also those who need direction through effective communication, self growth opportunity and their ability to implement daily success habits that will contribute to their overall well being.  Being aware of how to navigate the many pitfalls such as self-sabotage, leadership need to lead by example by doing unto themselves first as they would do unto others. Self-sabotage undermines success despite your wishes, dreams, or values. To become an extraordinary leader and transform with Self-Mastery for successful Leadership, they need to overcome and embrace the change and positive outlook that will enable them to become powerful leaders who have the expertise to help others excel at what they do.

An important part of our program is learning how to communicate better in the corporate

space.  Effective communication is a cornerstone tool that should be used in all areas of our life. When it is focused on Leadership into corporate it becomes an essential skill all leaders and those they work with need to employ to not only feel like their message is getting across but also being able to hear and address their customer’s and team’s needs.  A big part of misunderstanding and misalignment in messaging can be easily corrected by understanding the values that are important to the individuals involved. Becoming an exceptional leader means becoming an exceptional communicator in all areas including setting boundaries, adapting core leadership traits, employing best business practices, and embracing communication strategies to effectively lead others to success.

About Sopheia and Laura

Sopheia McMorris

Leadership CoachLeadership Coach


Sopheia McMorris is an Executive Wisdom Mentor, Certified Professional Self-Mastery Life Coach, CEO, and founder of Wisdom Speaks Life…

She specializes in using wisdom to help people master and take control of their lives.

Sopheia teaches and trains professionals and entrepreneurs in the art of Self-Mastery, which is self-leadership.

Self-leadership makes you an effective leader that influences your thinking, feelings, and actions. So that you can step into being the CEO of your life, live life on your terms, and drive your destiny.

Her clients hire her to help them create and implement their one-page Secret Success Strategy Plan to expand their personal power for an integrated, harmonious, fulfilling life.

Sopheia has a Bachelor of Science degree in African American studies and Political Science; she is a bestselling author speaker and has spent over 20 years as a homeschool teacher.

She has a weekly show on Roku, Amazon Fire, and Apple tv.

Today Sopheia with Sopheia Speaks Wisdom offers various coaching programs and services from private 1:1 coaching to group coaching programs.

Laura Armstong

  • Build Confidence, Embrace Your Power, Master Your Leadership Style
  • Over 20 years as a Licensed Holistic Practitioner & Educator including:
    • Reiki Master
    • Certified Indian Head Massage Instructor
    • Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator, Energetic Facelift, Correcting Vision
    • Certified Rejuvenating Face Massage Instructor
    • Frequency Body Analysis

Leadership AcceleratorLeadership Accelerator


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