The Practical Wisdom Forum

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The Practical Wisdom Forum explores the possibilities of untold joy available for the living of your whole life, and that anything else is a mistake, an oversight, that can be corrected.
In the Forum we learn and experience growth and development in self-mastery. We bring together the dimensions of vision, fun, and insight, for a great life. A life that contributes to all of humanity.

Each session explores a different aspect of how we relate to our own growth, development, and what we can create for ourselves. We then explore how this has impact on our lives and in the community in which we live, work, and play.
In the Practical Wisdom Forum, you will develop mastery in generating and upgrading your communication in a way that change your life and your experience. You gain an ability to think and interact in new ways, to engage in conversations that are larger than yourself, and to explore your relationships with freedom and authenticity.
Discovering new ways to take a giant step beyond what you had considered possible.
Explore the nature of ongoing transformation.
Meet and connect with likeminded individuals and change makers. Learn from the experience of others.
Create new ways for your commitments to yourself to unfold.

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The Practical Wisdom Forum

The Practical Wisdom Forum was created with you in mind. It’s designed to help you get clarity and focus so you can experience growth and development in self-mastery.

  1. You can easily master your inner world, making changing your life quick and painless!
  2. You don’t have to be always disappointed, claim your power, and activate your inner wisdom.

There will be a live training, followed by a Q and A, and free coaching.
On the weekly Zoom call, you'll learning:
Whenever you plan, you plan to succeed.
Having a plan helps you to live a fantastic life with purpose and fulfillment.
A plan puts you in the driver's seat of your life.
Planning your desired future!
We get a lot of questions from our clients and viewers…
Why should I have a plan?
Why bother having a plan?
Is having a plan a necessity?
What are the results?
We are answering questions/situations in the Practical Wisdom. Forum.
How to transform your life without all the overwhelm and learn where to start to move your life forward. Closing the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.
Bring your situation/scenario/questions, # hashtag I have a friend Who! (For privacy) Not able to make it you can still participate. You can email your situation/scenario/questions to my personal email Using # hashtag I have a friend who!

I will answer your questions live on the call.

You can also post it in the Practical Wisdom Forum Facebook group here:
I will answer your questions live on the call.
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