Module 1
  • [Lesson] SLM Module One Lesson Seven
  • [Lesson] SLM Module One Lesson Six
  • [Lesson] SLM Module One Lesson Five
  • [Lesson] SLM Module One Lesson Four
  • [Lesson] SLM Module One Lesson Three
  • [Lesson] SLM Module One Lesson Two
  • [Lesson] SLM Module One Lesson One
Module 2
  • [Lesson] SLM Module Two Lesson Seven
  • [Lesson] SLM Module Two Lesson Six
  • [Lesson] SLM Module Two Lesson Five
  • [Lesson] SLM Module Two Lesson Four
  • [Lesson] SLM Module Two Lesson Three
  • [Lesson] SLM Module Two Lesson Two
  • [Lesson] SLM Module Two Lesson One
Module 3
  • [Lesson] SLM Module Three Lesson Seven
  • [Lesson] SLM Module Three Lesson Six
  • [Lesson] SLM Module Three Lesson Five
  • [Lesson] SLM Module Three Lesson Four
  • [Lesson] SLM Module Three Lesson Three
  • [Lesson] SLM Module Three Lesson Two
  • [Lesson] SLM Module Three Lesson One
Module 4
  • [Lesson] SLM Module Four Lesson Seven
  • [Lesson] SLM Module Four Lesson Six
  • [Lesson] SLM Module Four Lesson Five
  • [Lesson] SLM Module Four Lesson Four
  • [Lesson] SLM Module Four Lesson Three
  • [Lesson] SLM Module Four Lesson Two
  • [Lesson] SLM Module Four Lesson One
Module 5
  • [Lesson] SLM Module Five Lesson Seven
  • [Lesson] SLM Module Five Lesson Six
  • [Lesson] SLM Module Five Lesson Five
  • [Lesson] SLM Module Five Lesson Four
  • [Lesson] SLM Module Five Lesson Three
  • [Lesson] SLM Module Five Lesson Two
  • [Lesson] SLM Module Five Lesson One
Module 6
  • [Lesson] SLM Module Six Lesson Seven
  • [Lesson] SLM Module Six Lesson Six
  • [Lesson] SLM Module Six Lesson Five
  • [Lesson] SLM Module Six Lesson Four
  • [Lesson] SLM Module Six Lesson Three
  • [Lesson] SLM Module Six Lesson Two
  • [Lesson] SLM Module Six Lesson One
Module 7
  • [Lesson] SLM Module Seven Lesson Seven
  • [Lesson] SLM Module Seven Lesson Six
  • [Lesson] SLM Module Seven Lesson Five
  • [Lesson] SLM Module Seven Lesson Four
  • [Lesson] SLM Module Seven Lesson Three
  • [Lesson] SLM Module Seven Lesson Two
  • [Lesson] SLM Module Seven Lesson One
Bonus Module
  • [Lesson] LM Bonus Module Lesson Seven
  • [Lesson] LM Bonus Module Lesson Six
  • [Lesson] LM Bonus Module Lesson Five
  • [Lesson] LM Bonus Module Lesson Four
  • [Lesson] LM Bonus Module Lesson Three
  • [Lesson] LM Bonus Module Lesson Two
  • [Lesson] LM Bonus Module Lesson One
Self Leadershp Mastery 7x7
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Self Leadershp Mastery 7x7

  • 00:00:00
  • 2
  • This is a 6 month course with 7 modules
  • It is designed to be a Step-By-Step Action Guides with skills and tools to improve your leadership
  • Includes a  Private Facebook Group, Private Weekly Coaching Calls and Individual Review of Plan
  • You will have access to Sopheia during the Program
  • Additional Module Training Emotional Mastery

This course generates new conversations, forward your life, contribute to your whole being.

Individual transformation allows for a new level of power and effectiveness. Leadership Mastery Courses go far beyond that—starting a process in which you create a new dynamic and dimension in which you live. In ever-widening circles—your family, friends, community, and society at large—you take your transformation out into the world.

Have you ever felt that one of the reasons you are here now is to transform your life and to help transform our world to a more meaningful way of living based in love and empowerment?

Do you recognize that every person in the world has a heart, and that as each of us is a unique manifestation of life in this universe, all people deserve to be love and support in moving ever more fully into their magnificence?

Are you ready to move beyond old ways which focused on fear, secrecy, and segmentation, and to instead choose greater love, transparency, and meaningful connection within yourself and everyone around you?

Are you willing to work on transforming your own weaknesses and fears?

Are you open to exploring deep hidden secrets affecting your life?

Do you want to let go of that which doesn’t serve your highest good?

Are you interested in joining a community of souls who know that a major part of the reason we came here is to help all who are ready on this planet to transform to a deeper, richer way of living in this moment?

If the answer is yes, welcome! This website is home to a dynamic, multi-faceted online course designed for personal transformation based on love and empowerment. Created for those interested in the harmonious integration of all aspects of ourselves, this profound course is helping to foster an exciting new paradigm. Come join our conscious community in action as we create empowering transformation both in our personal lives and in our world!

Are you ready to be the change you want to see in your life and in our world? If the answer is yes, the Leadership Mastery Course was designed for you. This online course brings together the best of the Internet to inspire and educate you in a dynamic and powerful way. The journey through the course will expand your awareness and provide tools enabling you to build a better life more effectively.

The mind and heart expanding Leadership Mastery Course covers a rich variety of life topics masterfully woven together. Course lessons will deepen your insight, expand your horizons, and embolden you to be the change you want to see in your life. The course is dedicated to your greatest good. To begin this rich and exciting journey,

Click the link below.

The dynamic hidden knowledge of this provides an in-depth, comprehensive understanding of powerful forces at work behind the scenes to bring to you an awareness like no other. Designed and developed by me and my team, the vital information presented in this course is carefully crafted. The course is dedicated to supporting your highest good.

This engaging course connects the dots, allowing you to understand the big picture with its many complexities, while also examining the relatively simple principles upon which the many layers are based. The powerful lessons here contain highly revealing, thought-provoking insights, inspiring photos, powerful online videos, and suggested exercises designed to give you full spectrum understanding of all that is going on in your life.

Thanks to the amazing power of the Internet, the mind-expanding Leadership Mastery Course can dive right into the deepest, darkest corners of your life to shed light in places which have long been hidden. The course will not only leave you better informed than most people in our world, but it will also better equip you to deal with these hidden realities and inspire you to make a difference.

 Thanks for your interest, and may you have a most rich and meaningful journey through the course.

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Short Description

This course generates new conversations, forward your life, contribute to your whole being.