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Farewell 2020 The Year of Rebirth

Farewell 2020 The Year of Rebirth

In 2020 I was brutally honest with myself. Everything from…whom I was and who I wanted to be and what and how…I wanted to live my life. It was painful, but I kept peeling back one layer after another to truly get to the heart of the matter.

I approach 2020 by stepping into my greatness. I officially launched my business on February 1st…National Freedom Day. It has deep significance for me. Then by mid-March the world paused, and many of us held our breath. Praying for the restart so we could breathe again. This was the worst time and the best of time for some. (What’s your perspective? How did you spend 2020?)

For me, it was an opportunity to focus, hold the line and keep moving forward. There would be lessons to learn and new people to meet. A time to learn…to explore…to experience and to keep stepping into my greatness. The hardest times can be our greatest teacher.

There were daily traumas and dramas, of all types. My mantra…my lesson was to stay focused and keep moving forward. I never lost lose sight of my goals, dreams, wants, and desires. Success took on a new meaning for me. Instead of an outward focus it became an inward journey of daily progress…of purposeful actions leading me to finding my happy place.
2020 was filled with life lessons. From learning to accept present reality, patience, perseverance, all while still determined to make progress in business and in life. My desire was to take this time and transform my inner world to express my highest good and authentic self.

My transformation would begin with facing ALL challenges. The God/universe would make it clear to me that I was on the verge of the unknown. I felt pushed to face my fears and hardship so that I could begin to create my own destiny.

I embraced my time alone. In the middle of my transformation…solitude was my highest value. I dove deeper into knowing myself. I practiced being present with my own thoughts and feelings. Something beautiful would emerge within me that would continue to help me move…to keep me moving forward and allow myself to grow. I really listened to my own heart and mind.

In doing so I would uncover more creativity as well as the things that would nourish my soul. I found myself letting go of being perfect, which caused me to be open, receiving new energies into my life. I would let go of expectation and focused on unleashing my inner free spirit. I developed new and stronger roots; I fully embraced my wings to fly!

I allowed my heart to lead the way…By asking my heart what it wanted. Being in my heart space gradually swept away all the “should” of my mind. I spoke to my heart often and it led me to becoming more courageous, clarifying the way to express my deepest essence.

I stepped fully into my power, aligned my heart and mind, and realized that the wisdom of my heart was so much greater than the knowledge of my mind. I know and am more aware of myself now, I am deeply connected to my creativity, pursuing my desires…with passion.

I continue to grow my inner wisdom; I am living my dreams and they are giving me wings and this lights me up with joy! My desire is to share my wisdom with others. This journey has been one of healing and deep nourishment. It has given me increased self-confidence, self-awareness, love, and courage to keep moving forward. I am determined to lead and teach by example, walking my talk, not in hopes to please others but to please myself…remembering to honor everything that I’ve been through.

In keeping with my “me first” attitude.

“I must always get my cup filled first to overflow!”
“I give only from my overflow, so that I’m never depleted!”
“I can’t give what I don’t have!”

Good-bye 2020…I’m not sad to see you go. Thank you for teaching me that not only can I survive what life throws at me…but I can THRIVE!


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