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The phone rang and I didn’t have to see who was calling to know who it was. I had a long day with work and kids.

“The phone rang and I didn’t have to see who was calling to know who it was. I had a long day with work and kids. The last thing I needed to hear was my mom giving me the “You can do it speech again.” You know what I mean? I mean…I’m grateful for her and the people in my life who push me forward but sometimes I just…Argg….

Somewhere between ring number 10 and 11…it happened. Something clicked. I found that place inside me where everything is possible. I talk to my clients about this place often. It’s guided me all my life and has served me right too many times to ignore. The issue for people is that they ignore the signs that are clearly there…like…I don’t know…incessant ringing!”

Give yourself the gift of authority and power, to make yourself stronger and more confident, in controlling your life and claiming your rights.

Step into the new year fully empowered by becoming:

Open to possibilities.

You have the power and the responsibility to find a place inside yourself where everything is possible.

The more open you are to possibilities, the more creative and expansive of a world you can create, for yourself to succeed. Let go of the hopeless, angry, self-defeating attitudes, they will hold you back from living your best life.

“When you focus on the good the good gets better,” said by Abraham Hicks.

Life is a direct reflection of your beliefs. If you want a different outcome, create it. Your opportunities for new hope and change are boundless and within you.

“Who looks outside, dreams, who looks inside, awakes.” Carl Jung

Focus on who you are being.

Things are always changing in life. Remember to focus only on what you can control “YOU” your reactions and response when facing challenges. Without situations that challenge you, you would never come to know what you stand for, what you value or how powerful you truly are.

Shift your focus into yourself and wholeheartedly living your truth, answers the call for you to live life authentically with meaning and purpose.

Run the race that is yours.

Empowerment has nothing to do with competition, it has everything to do with giving yourself power and validation with confidence to take control of your life and create the life you love. Creating for yourself a life full of achievements, possibilities, and happiness.

You are living and empowered life when you, challenge yourself to live life to the fullest. Not comparing yourself to others. Caring deeply about who you are, what you need and how you have compassion for yourself.

Accept your reality, the people, and circumstances in your world. Acceptance brings you to reality and reality is the place you start to heal and to change your life. Life is not happening to you: life is happening for you. Which helps you to master your life, with forgiveness and inner wisdom. To make successful progress in your life you must learn to let go. Forgiveness is a gift that you give to yourself.

Get grit/resilience. “Mirror, mirror on the wall, I’ll always get up after I fall. And whether I run, walk or crawl, I’ll set my goals and achieve them all.” Unknown

Trust that failure is an open door…the gateway to your success. Mistakes are steppingstones and not stumbling blocks. Let setbacks inspire you to set new goals generate new ideas along with new ways to overcome every obstacle.

To feel empowered, you must have resilience to get back up again even after you’ve been knocked down and keep moving forward.

Trust yourself.

You got this! Trust you have exactly what it takes to achieve whatever level of success you desire. The wisdom is within you. Shift your focus from doubting yourself to believing in yourself. You can make your dreams wants and desires happen.

Determine within yourself that you have what it takes to be resourceful when going for your goals. Start small, small shifts leads to great change. One step at a time. One foot in front of the other. The more successful you become the easier it becomes and the more able you are to discern your possibilities and make things happen.

“I snapped out of my trance and picked up the phone. “Hi mom…how are you?” At that very moment…my mindset changed. I went from dreading a lecture from my mom to being grateful that I had a mom who loves me and wants the best for me. Do you know how many people wished they had a mom like mine? How many people who don’t have their mom in their life? “Hey honey…sorry to bother you but I picked up some dinner at that restaurant you love and I’m almost to your house to drop off your favorite dish. I was calling to see if you were home.”

At that very moment…A smile came across my face and I felt my eyes getting watery. Isn’t it amazing that life gives us exactly what we need when we need it. We just have to recognize the signs when they appear before us and then take action when they do.


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