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Whether it’s emotional or mental mastery, self-leadership, fears, imposter syndrome, calming your inner critic, or self-love, what she teaches us what she’s lived.

After struggling with her weight for many years, trying many different diet plans, eating technique self-help books, and even signing up for gastric bypass surgery. Still struggle with not being able to take control, lose weight and keep it off.

She would discover a path to freedom that would cut through all the noise, self-doubt, negative thoughts, fears, and false beliefs. Silencing the critical inner voice, she realized that the answer was not outside of herself but within herself.

Her simple yet life-altering method is called self-mastery, where you take control of your life and create the life you love.



People would ask me all the time about the unusual spelling of my name. Here’s the story!

It was part of the reinventing of myself. In high school, I wanted to learn a foreign language. So, my first attempt to do so was to learn the Spanish language.

In Spanish class, we had to choose a Spanish name. I chose the name Sophia, as I felt I had the flair and enthusiasm of a Sophia. It was a struggle to get through that class. It was an uphill battle every day. and what can I say about my teacher Mrs. Armando? I completed the course with the thought, perhaps learn Spanish is not for me. I held on to the name Sophia as I felt it suited my personality.

I didn’t give up. Not giving up on learning a foreign language, I signed up for a French class. In French class, I had the opportunity to choose a French name there too. My French name would be Sophie. It turns out Sophie is the French version of the Spanish equivalent of Sopheia.

I was delighted I got to keep my name. I was a bit more successful with learning French than I was with learning Spanish. I had had dreams of visiting and perhaps living in Paris one day. Seeing France is still on my bucket list.

After I graduated from high school, I attended Eastern Michigan University and continued learning French. I decided to merge Sophia and Sophie by spelling my name Sopheia. So that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!

It was later that I learned that the name Sopheia means Wisdom. Years down the road, as I would step into walking my talk and When I became a Certified Professional Life Coach and started coaching others, my clients would always comment that I exude Wisdom! Without knowing and having no idea that my name means Wisdom.

So that’s the story about the unusual spelling of my name. (bringing it full circle) I’m all about Wisdom; it is the principal thing that I bring to the table, and today, I’m known as the go-to Executive Wisdom Mentor. (La sagesse est la chose principle) Translate in English (Wisdom is the principal thing)

(L’acquisition de la sagesse) Translate in English (Get Wisdom at any cost)


Sopheia McMorris is a Certified Professional Transformation Life Coach, owner, and CEO of Wisdom Speaks Life LLC.

Sopheia is an author, she collaborated in the writing of, The Power of Life Coaching volume 3, her clients hire her to help them create and implement their one-page Secret Success Strategy Plan for an integrated, harmonious, fulfilling life.

Sopheia has a Bachelor of Science degree with a double major in African American studies and Political Science, she has spent over 20 years as a homeschool teacher.

Today Sopheia offers an array of coaching programs and services from private 1:1 coaching to group coaching programs.

  • ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENTS: completed four-year college, Eastern Michigan University, Bachelor of Science double majored in African American studies and Political Science. Certified Midwife, Certified Doula, Certified Natural Health Practitioner, Certified Professional Life Coach.
  • CAREER MILESTONES AND ACHIEVMENTS: 20 years homeschool teacher. Launched by coaching business online Wisdom Speaks Life LLC

My company specializes in transforming the lives of clients through Self-Mastery.

Helping people to take control of their lives and create a life they love.

My clients hired me to help them create and implement their one-page Secret Success Strategy Plan for more integrated harmonious and fulfilling life.

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